Date: Wednesday, May 15
Location: Eastview Room, University Conference Center, Close-Hipp Building (8th floor)


09:30 am: Arrival and registration

10:00–11:30: Session 1: Citizen Science from Campus to the Capitol (Chair: Ryan McCoy, USDA/Washington and Lee University)

  • Matt Kisner, USC Philosophy: “Environmental Ethics and Community Engagement at USC: A case study"
  • Grant Foster, USC Biology: "Citizen Science in a Changing World"

12:45–14:15: Session 2: Natural History for the Modern World (Chair: Dustin Sigsbee, USC Philosophy)

  • Herrick Brown, USC Andrew Charles Moore Herbarium: “Tools of Citizen Science in Herbarium Curation"
  • Arlene Marturano, South Carolina Garden-Based Learning Network: "Data Dialogs: Citizen Science in Entomology, Meteorology, and Beyond”

14:30–15:00: Session 3, Closing panel: The Interplay of Citizen Science and Philosophy of Science in Practice (Session Moderator: Julia Bursten, University of Kentucky)

  • All speakers and session chairs, plus
  • Rachel A. Ankeny, Wageningen University & Research

15:00–17:45: Session 4: Field trip to the USC Arboretum

  • 15:00–15:15: Orientation to iNaturalist
  • 15:15–15:30: Walk to USC Arboretum
  • 15:45–17:45: Field trip led by Hilda Flamholtz, iNaturalist.