SPSP Mailing List Members

Last Name First Name Institution Keywords Homepage E-mail
Abdi Esmaeil Sharif University of Technology Innovation Technology Science Philosophy email
Aberdein Andrew Florida Institute of Technology philosophy of mathematics; argumentation homepage email
Aduriz-Bravo Agustin email
Aggelakis Antonios University of Crete Research policy email
Agodi Maria Carmela University of Naples Federico II email
Ahmed Malik Aleem Delft University of Technology ICT Governance - Scoeity and Ethics, Responsibility of ICT professionals and freelancers homepage email
Akagi Mikio University of Pittsburgh cognitive science homepage email
Aktunc Emrah Ozyegin University cognitive science, brain, methods homepage email
Alhadeff-Jones Michel email
Allchin Douglas email
Allegra Alessandro UCL Science policy email
Altug Sezen Middle East Technical University Copernicus, Question, History and Philosophy of Science, Lakatos, Kuhn, Popper email
Ambrosio Chiara University College London Philosophy of Science, Pragmatism, Representations in Art and Science homepage email
Andersen Line Vrije Universiteit Brussel email
Andersen Hanne University of Aarhus scientific change, scientific concepts, interdisciplinarity, research integrity homepage email
Andersen Hanne University of Copenhagen homepage email
Andler Daniel Université Paris-Sorbonne philosophy of science, epistemology homepage email
Angeloni Roberto Università di Cagliari email
Anjum Rany Lill Norwegian University of Life Sviences (UMB) Causation, dispositions, philosophy of science homepage email
Anjum Rani email
Ankeny Rachel email
Arabatzis Theodore University of Athens history and philosophy of physical sciences email
Ardourel Vincent IHPST continuous discrete physics mathematics homepage email
Arnaudo Elisa email
Atanasova Nina The University of Toledo Philosophy of Neuroscience, Social Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine homepage email
Avin Shahar University of Cambridge email
Avlona Νatalia philosophy of mind, technofeminism, nomadic subject email
Aylward Alex University of Leeds homepage email
B Sangeetha Women's Christian College email
Badino Massimiliano Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona History of Physics email
Baetu Todur University of Maryland philosophy of biology email
Baird Davis email
Balakrishnan Sangeetha Women's Christian College, Chennai, India Philosophy of Science, Chemistry email
Ballo Ingrid University of Bergen email
Bantawa Bipana University of Oxford scientific knowledge production, scientific tools, objects and representations, Galaxy Zoo homepage email
Barany Michael University of Edinburgh mathematics, proof, rigour homepage email
Barberousse Anouk email
Baren, van Jan Centre for Society & Genomics, Radboud University Nijmegen Bioinformation and identity email
Barker Gillian University of Western Ontario philosophy of science, environmental philosophy, philosophy of biology email
Barker Peter email
Barr Kelli University of North Texas Applied Philosophy, Science and Technology Studies, Research Evaluation, Marine Science homepage email
Bartol Jordan University of Guelph email
Bartol Jordan University of Leeds homepage email
Barwich Ann-Sophie Columbia University neuroscience, biology, chemistry, olfaction homepage email
Barwich Ann-Sophie ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society (Egenis) Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology homepage email
Basu Prajit K. University of Hyderabad History and Philosophy of Science, Science, Technology and Society email
Bauer Susanne email
Baxendale Matthew Central European University homepage email
Baxter Janella University of Ilinois email
Bechtel William UC San Diego homepage email
Bechtel William University of California, San Diego Philosophy of Life Sciences, Dynamic Mechanistic Explanation, Diagrams in Scientific Reasoning homepage email
Becker Adam Early modern, epistemology, methodology, 19th century Physics homepage email
Belchior Marcia CFCUL Philosophy of Science homepage email
Belisario Roberto Autonomous science writer (formerly at Labjor/Unicamp - Laboratory for Advanced Studies on Journalism - www.labjor.unicamp.br ) scientific journalism, cosmology homepage email
Benda Klara IT University of Copehangen software, computing, design homepage email
Bengoetxea Juanba UNIVERSIDAD DE VALLADOLID Philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, philosophy of mind, ethics and engineering email
Bengoetxea Juan Bautista University of the Balearic Islands Philosophy of science, Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Chemistry email
Ben Jebara Adib Retired, Tunisia Philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics homepage email
Benn Claire The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute ethics, technology, philosophy homepage email
Bentley Vanessa Univeristy of Cincinnati Philosophy of experiment, feminist philosophy of science, philosophy of neuroscience email
Berry Dominic University of Edinburgh homepage email
Berry Dominic University of Leeds biology, plants, agriculture, genetics, intelectual property homepage email
Bertolaso Marta Università Campus Bio_Medico of Rome systems, biology, organization, explanation, life, cancer, engineering, praxis email
Bertozzi Eugenio email
Betz Gregor Universität Stuttgart email
Biddle Justin Georgia Institute of Technology Philosophy of Science, Bioethics, Social Epistemology, Science and Technology Policy homepage email
Binney nicholas University of Exeter Medicine, Integrated history and philosophy, complementary science email
Binzberger Viktor email
Birrer Frans email
Bissel C email
Bloch Corinne Marquette University email
Block, de Andreas email
Bloemen Remco Universiteit Twente email
Bluhm Robyn Michigan State University email
Boag Elle email
Bobadilla Hernan University College London History Philosophy Science Geology Earth email
Bod Rens email
Bogaard, van den Adrienne Universiteit Delft email
bogen jim university of pittsburgh email
Bolker Jessica University of New Hampshire epistemology, models, biology email
Boniolo Giovanni Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche e Chirurgico Specialistiche; Università di Ferrara; Italy philosophy of biomedicine; ethics of biomedicine homepage email
Bonnin Thomas University of Exeter Philosophy of science homepage email
Boogerd Fred email
Boon Mieke Universiteit Twente philosophy of science for engineering sciences, philosophy of looking. homepage email
Boon Eva Eindhoven University of Technology email
Boone Trey University of Pittsburgh email
Bordogna Francesca email
Borgerson Kirstin Dalhousie University philosophy of medicine, bioethics, feminist philosophy email
Borges Paulo CEFET-RJ homepage email
Borrelli Arianna Technische Universität Berlin History of science homepage email
Boulicault Marion MIT email
Bouvier Alban Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris social epistemology, philosophy of social science email
Bouwel, van Jeroen Ghent University philosophy of the social sciences, scientific pluralism, science and democracy, social epistemology homepage email
Boyer Thomas University of Paris 1 - IHPST Quantum physics homepage email
Bozin Dragana University of Oslo email
Bradley Peter email
Brain Robert email
brauckmann sabine email
Bremer Scott University of Bergen science-policy interface; post-normal science; co-production homepage email
Brewer Bill email
Brey Philip Universiteit Twente email
Brigandt Ingo University of Alberta Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Mind and Language, Epistemology, History of Biology homepage email
Briggle Adam Universiteit of North Texas homepage email
Brister Evelyn Rochester Institute of Technology values; objectivity; social epistemology; ecology; land management email
Brown Matthew J. University of Texas at Dallas, Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology philosophy of science, pragmatism, values in science, science policy, evidence homepage email
Brown Jim email
Bruder Johannes eikones NCCR Iconic Criticism Scientific visualization practices email
Bruggeman Frank email
Bschir Karim ETH Zurich homepage email
Buch Anders Aalborg University Copenhagen email
Bueger Christian Cardiff University Security Expertise; Epistemic Infrastructures; Practice Theory, Praxiography email
Buekens Filip email
Bueter Anke Leibniz University Hanover Science and Vaues, Social and Feminist Epistemology, Philosophy of Psychiatry homepage email
Burian R.M. Virginia Tech (retired) Hist and Phil of Bio, Darwinism, Developmental Bio, Exploratory Experiments, Methods, Molecular Bio homepage email
Burns William University of Queensland Philosophy of science, medical anthropology, STS email
Burns William Society for General Microbiology Policy email
Bursten Julia University of Pittsburgh Philosophy of chemistry, nanoscience, synthesis and theory structure homepage email
Busi Beatrice Università di Roma "Sapienza" philosophy and history of biology, gender&science email
Buttolph Mike University College London genetics, history email
Buttolph Mike University College London Mendelism, genetics email
Calderon Cecilia Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México History and Philosophy of Medicine and Surgery email
Calderón Cecilia Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México History and Philosophy of Medicine email
Callicott Braid email
Campaner Raffaelle email
Campanozzi Laura Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma email
Camprubi Lino Max Planck Institute for the History of Science homepage email
Canali Stefano Leibniz University Hannover Data science, life sciences, philosophy of information homepage email
Caporael Linnda Rensselaer, Science & Technology Studies human evolutionary theories email
Capraro Valerio Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam cooperation, altruism, dual process models homepage email
Carrier Martin email
Cartwright Nancy email
Carusi Annamaria University of Copenhagen homepage email
Carusi Annamaria University of Oxford philosophy of science and technology, phenomenology, information and computing ethics homepage email
Casartelli Luca University of Geneva, PhD Student email
Castro Susan Wichita State University Kant Cognition Medicine Mathematics Biology email
Casurella Peter McMaster University/University of Toronto science, religion, epistemology, ethics, evolution email
Cat Jordi email
Cei Angelo Università di Roma Tre Philosophy of Physics, History of Physics, Scientific Realism, Structural Realism homepage email
Çevik Dinçer Mugla University-TURKEY Philosophy and history of geometry, Riemann's philosophy of geometry. email
Chacko Xan UCDavis plants, feminism, care, ecology homepage email
Chafim Fernando UNICAMP email
Chakrabarty Manjari Visva Bharati University, INDIA email
Charnley Berris university of leeds homepage email
Chase Ian University of Western Ontario History and philosophy of science email
Checkletsov Vadim Russian Academy of Sciences Philosophy Institute NBIC-convergence ethical, social, humanitarian and anthropological dimensions homepage email
Chen Xiang email
Cheng Sumei email
Cheon Hyundeuk Program in HPS, Seoul National University general PS, normative naturalism, implication of cognitive science to philosophy, etc email
Chin andrew University of Noth Carolina patent law, science, technology, metaphysics homepage email
Chmielewski Adam The University Of Wroclaw Science and Practice homepage email
Clarke Brendan Department of Science and Technology Studies, University College London Philosophy of medicine homepage email
Claveau Francois Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics Philosophy of science, social sciences, economics, causality, micro-macro, mechanisms, policy homepage email
Cleland Carol Philosophy Department and Center for Astrobiology, University of Colorado (Boulder) Philosophical issues in historical science, biology, astrobiology, origins of life homepage email
Cletus Andoh University of Yaounde I, Cameroon Epistemology, Applied philosophy,Bioethics email
Clough Sharyn email
Cobb Aaron Saint Louis University History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Experiment, 19th-Century British Inductivism homepage email
Coffey Kevin email
Collado Carles Aguiló Universitat Pompeu Fabra email
Collins Harry email
Condé Mauro Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Brazil History and phisophy of science; Wittgenstein; Kuhn; Ludwik Fleck email
Copeland Samantha Norwegian University of Life Sciences serendipity, discovery, analogy, social-epistemology homepage email
Corradini Antonella Catholic University of Milan, Italy Philosophy of science, philosophy of the social sciences homepage email
Craigs Nicola Durham University homepage email
Crasnow Sharon Norco College Feminist philosophy of science homepage email
Craver Carl email
Crowley Stephen email
Crozier Gillian Laurentian University homepage email
Cruz, de Helen email
Cummins Ciaran UCL email
Cunha Diogo Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa Philosophy of Science email
Cunningham Thomas University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences philosophy of medicine; bioethics homepage email
Currie Adrian Cambridge homepage email
Cypress Brigitte S. Lehman College, City University of New York email
D'Abramo Flavio Dept of Philosophy, University of Rome Philosophy of Science email
Dagher Zoubeida University of Delaware homepage email
Dahnke Michael Drexel University philosophy, science, nursing, bioethics email
Damiano Luisa University of Messina Epistemology of the Sciences of the Artificial; Epistemology of Complex Systems; Epistemology of the Cognitive Sciences homepage email
Dang Haixin University of Pittsburgh philosophy of science, social epistemology, scientific collaborations email
Darden Lindley email
Darling Karen M email
Darrason Marie IHPST philosophy of medicine, theory of disease, genetic diseases homepage email
Darrigol Olivier email
Dasgupta Deepanwita University of Minnesota Interaction of mind and society in the making of scientitic knowledge ; division of cognitive labor. email
David-Rus Richard email
de Boer Bas University of Twente Philosophy of Science, Postphenomenology email
de Bruyckere Anna Durham University email
Decock Lieven email
De Coster Barry email
Dehue Trudy University of Groningen sociology of science applied to psychopharmacology, psychiatric labelling, the biological turn homepage email
De Langhe Rogier Ghent University philosophy of social science, philosophy of economics, social epistemology homepage email
Delehanty Megan University of Calgary email
de Melo-Martin Inmaculada Weill Cornell Medical College--Cornell University email
Deplazes Ursula email
DesRoches Tyler University of British Columbia History and Philosophy of Economics homepage email
de Swart Jaco University of Amsterdam History of Dark Matter; Cosmology; Philosophy of Science; Science Studies; Latour email
Dhein Kelle Arizona State University Philosophy of Biology homepage email
Dhein Kelle Arizona State University Information Biology homepage email
Dieckhoff Christian Karlsruhe Institute of Technology email
Dieckmann Janine Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany email
Dieks Dennis Utrecht University Philosophy of the Exact Sciences email
Dijksterhuis Fokko Jan Universiteit Twente email
Dion Jérémie Université de Sherbrooke email
Di Paolo Laura Desirèe Lichtenberg-Kolleg, University of Göttingen; DPZ, Leibniz ScienceCampus, Göttingen philosophy of cognitive studies; philosophy of biology homepage email
Di Paolo Laura Desirée email
DiTeresi Christopher University of Chicago email
Donhauser Justin University at Buffalo Practical Environmental Philosophy; Philosophy of Modelling; Epistemology of Science; Science for Policy; Metaphysics; Ecosystems Ecology homepage email
DONHAUSER JUSTIN SUNY Buffalo philosophy of ecology homepage email
Dotan Ravit UC Berkeley email
Douglas Heather University of Waterloo Science in policy, values in science homepage email
Drabek Matt The University of Iowa email
Driessen Clemens email
Drlacher Thomas email
Duarte João CFCUL - Centro de Filosofia da Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa - citizen science; Sciences, Ethics and Politics; Heuristics of Science Research; Peirce; homepage email
Ducheyne Steffen email
Dumitru Marius Zeta Books homepage email
Dupre John email
Duran Juan Manuel University of Stuttgart email
Durlacher Thomas Centre for the History of Science Graz email
Earp Brian Yale University Replication Crisis in Science, Philosophy and Sociology of Medicine, Biomedical Ethics, Neuroenhancement homepage email
Eddy Mathew email
Efstathiou Sophia Norwegian University of Science and Technology history and philosophy of science and medicine, science and technology studies, systems science email
Egg Matthias University of Lausanne email
Ehigie Benjamin email
Eigner Kai email
Eisenstein Eric Duke University email
El Aichouchi Adil University of Bordeaux Philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science email
Elliott Kevin Michigan State University science and values, environmental philosophy homepage email
Elliott Steve homepage email
Engebretsen Eivind Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo social epistemology of medical knowledge, philosophy of evidence based medicine homepage email
Engelbrecht Delene email
Erasmus Adrian University of Johannesburg Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Epidemiology email
Ertel Marcel Utrecht University email
Espada Teófilo University of Puerto Rico Social Science, Epistemology, History of Science email
Espada-Brignoni Teófilo University of Puerto Rico email
Espinosa-Cristia Juan PUCV SSF Social Studies of Markets STS homepage email
Evans Emily L. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health risk sciences; public health and environmental research methodology homepage email
Fagot-Largeault Anne College de France Philosophy of life science (biology, medicine) homepage email
Falconer Ian university of west-scotland journalism,public understanding of science,philosophies of communication,science policy homepage email
Falgoust Michael Universiteit Twente homepage email
Falsafi Hosein Islamic Azad University Khoramabad Branch email
Farzad Mahootian New York University chemistry; systems theory; complementarity; process ontology email
Favela Luis University of Central Florida Philosophy of cognitive sciences; Philosophy of mind; Philosophy of science homepage email
Fedyk Mark Mount Allison University Philosophy of Cognitive Science homepage email
Feest Uljana TU Berlin Experimentation, concepts, philosophy and history of psychology and the human sciences, operationism homepage email
Felline Laura email
Fellowes Sam Lancaster University Philosophy of Psychiatry, History of Autism homepage email
Fennell Damien email
Fenner Edward York University STS, accelerators, atomic history homepage email
Fertschai Ismene University of Graz email
Field Buck Revolutionary Science Management, S.A. Management Standards Revolutionary Research Transformative Paradigm Cognitive Frame email
Fisher Grant email
Fleet Lucy Springer email
Fletcher Richard University of Surrey scientific controversies, ontology email
Flores Ruben email
Floridi Luciano UH/Oxford philosophy of information information ethics homepage email
Florio Lucio Universidad Católica Argentina Philosophy of Sciences; Philosophy of Biology homepage email
Foley Jessica CTVR Art Writing, Contemporary Art Practice, Science, Technology, Philosophy, Teaching email
Ford Michael University of Pittsburgh email
Franklin Alan University of Colorado History and philosophy of science, particularly experiment homepage email
Fricke Lutz Queen's University Belfast email
Friesen Phoebe CUNY Graduate Center Philosophy of Psychiatry email
Frigg R.P. email
Frodeman Robert university of North Texas policy, interdisciplinarity email
Fujimori Sean University of Washington email
Fuller Steve email
Fuller Jonathan University of Toronto philosophy of medicine; philosophy of epidemiology email
Galavotti Maria Carla University of Bologna probability, philosophy of medicine,philosophy of law homepage email
Galison Peter email
Gallego-Gomez Juan Carlos University of Antioquia Scientific Practices- Cell Molecular Biology homepage email
Garbayo Luciana Uniersity of Texas at El Paso email
Garcia Pio Universidad Nacional de Cordoba scientific discovery, computer simulations email
Gauderis Tjerk University of Gent email
Gelfert Axel Technical University of Berlin philosophy of science and technology, social epistemology homepage email
Gelfert Axel National University of Singapore philosophy of science and technology, social epistemology homepage email
Georgescu Laura Ghent University Integrated HPS; philosophy of experimentation; concept formation in physical sciences; email
GERARD Olivier IMM P7 mathematics, cognition homepage email
Gerhard Fröhlich Johannes Kepler University Linz/Department of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science Criticial Science Studies homepage email
Germain Pierre-Luc European Institute of Oncology email
Germain Pierre-Luc European Institute of Oncology email
Gerson Elihu Tremont research Institute sociology of works email
GHIM JinYeong Seoul National University email
Gibbens David Alexander Studies Online medicine, health, trials, homepage email
Giere Ronald email
Girard Jordan Université de Sherbrooke email
Gironi Fabio School of Oriental and African Studies Philosophy of science, speculative realism, science and religion email
Glimell Hans email
Glueck Christopher Indiana University Bloomington email
Godfroy Anne-Sophie Université Paris-Sorbonne Philosophy of science, STS, gender and science homepage email
Goldenberg Maya email
Gomes Celso University of Sheffield email
Gomes Correia Rita Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon email
Gontier Nathalie Vrije Universiteit Brussel evolutionary epistemology homepage email
Gooday Graeme email
Gooding David email
Goodwin William U. South Florida email
Goudouna Sozita Royal Holloway University of London homepage email
Grasswick Heidi Middlebury College email
Green Sara University of Copenhagen Philosophy of Biology; Systems Biology; Systems Medicine; Personalised Medicine homepage email
Green Sarah depamrtment of science studies, AU philosophy of biology email
Greif Hajo University of Klagenfurt The role of natural information and concepts of the environment in AI and ‘intelligent environments’ homepage email
Griesemer Jim email
Grinnell Fred UT Southwestern homepage email
Grinnell Frederick UT Southwestern Medical Center homepage email
Grossman Mark Independent Researcher History Philosophy Science Chemistry email
Grote Mathias Max Planck Institute for the History of Science history & philosophy of life sciences, chemistry and technology homepage email
Guastadisegni Cecilia Istituto Superiore di Sanita' The ethics in the use of cancer molecular biomarkers email
Guay alexandre Université de Bourgogne philosophy of physics, history of physics homepage email
Guettinger Stephan BIOS Centre, London School of Economics email
Gunnarsdottir Kristrun email
Guralp Genco Johns hopkins Experiment, cosmology email
Hakim Lina London Consortium '19th century scientific instruments and play' Humanities and Cultural Studies email
Hakula Jaakko philosophy of medicine, bio-psycho-social rehabilitation and information systems email
Halina Marta University of California, San Diego Science Studies, Practices of Comparative Biology and Psychology (Historical and Contemporary) email
Halina Marta University of Cambridge Philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of biology, science studies homepage email
Hamati-Ataya Inanna Aberystwyth University Historical Epistemology, Anthropology of Knowledge and Science, Globalisation of Epistemic Revolutions homepage email
Hangel Nora Indiana University Bloomington / University of Konstanz values in science, social epistemology, research ethics homepage email
Hanson Valerie email
Hao Qinggang Leiden University philosophy of science email
Hao Qinggang Leiden University Philosophy of Science email
Hardcastle Gary email
Hardesty Rebecca University of California, San Diego email
Harris David email
Harron Nathan York University email
Hartman Stephan email
Haslanger Sally MIT homepage email
Hassan email
Hatipoglu Ozum Cornell University Performativity and Science email
Haueis Philipp Berlin School of Mind and Brain Philosophy of Neuroscience, Experimentation, Conceptual Development email
Haueis Philip Humboldt University Berlin philosophy of neuroscience, phenomenology email
Hauger James Scott Techné homepage email
Hauskeller Christine University of Exeter Philosophy and sociology of biology and medical science. homepage email
Hawthorne Susan email
Hayes Peter University of Sunderland email
Heaphy Liam University of Manchester philosophy of science, STS, modelling, climatology, biology homepage email
Heeb Barbara University of Zurich Philosophy of Technology, Enhancement email
Heersmink Richard Macquarie University Models, Cognitive artifacts, Distributed cognition homepage email
Heiblum Alan University of Cambridge email
Heidelberger Michael email
Heinemann Anna-Sophie University of Paderborn (Germany) email
Hennig Christian Department of Statistical Science, UCL statistics, data analysis, probability homepage email
hepburn brian aarhus mechanics,euler,history,explanation,problem solving homepage email
Herfeld Catherine Duke University Philosophy of economics email
Heukelom Floris email
Hey Spencer Harvard Medical School email
Hibbert Ruth University of Kent email
Hill Priscilla email
Hindriks Frank Rijks Universiteit Groningen email
Hine Janet Princeton University culture, value, stem cells email
Hirsch Clemens email
Hodge Susan Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine, The Research Institute, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, USA human statistical genetics, mathematical modeling, scientific evidence homepage email
Hopkins Andrew University College London email
Hopkins Andrew UCL Geology email
Hornbostel Stefan iFQ Sociology of science homepage email
Horne Neil email
Houkes Wybo Eindhoven University of Technology email
Houpt Thomas Florida State University Biology, Neuroscience, software homepage email
Howard Don email
Hricko Jonathon scientific realism debate, history of chemistry email
Huber Tobias Philosophy of Neuroscience email
Hudson Robert G. email
Hutchinson Richard Loughborough University email
Hüttemann Andreas email
Illari Phyllis University of Kent Philosophy of causality, philosophy of science homepage email
Inkpen Rob email
Ioannidis Stavros University of Athens philosophy of biology, philosophy of science email
Israel-Jost Vincent email
Iwatsuki Taku University of Pittsburgh History and Philosophy of the Behavioral and Social Sciences; Scientific Change; Philosophy of Experimentation homepage email
Jacquart Melissa University of Western Ontario philosophy of physic, science and values, publicly engaged philosophy, philosophy of education homepage email
James Christine Valdosta State University Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Aesthetics, Bioethics, Phenomenology homepage email
Jimenez-Buedo Maria UNED Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Political Economy email
Job Veronika University of Zurich Self-regulation, goal-striving homepage email
Joffe Michael email
Johansen Mikkel Willum University of Copenhagen email
John Stephen University of Cambridge Philosophy of science, political philosophy, public health ethics email
Johnson Ann email
Jones Nicholas email
Jones Nicholaos University of Alabama in Huntsville Systems biology, explanation, visuals homepage email
Jones Roger Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies Climate change risk, Uncertainty management, Complex systems, Philosophy of risk, Historical epistemology and scientific method homepage email
Jong de Huib Looren email
Jukola Saana University of Jyväskylä email
Jukola Saana email
Jung Minah UC Berkeley email
Kaiser Matthias Centre for the Study of the Sciences and Humanities, University of Bergen, Norway ethics of science and technology, technology assessment, philosophy of science homepage email
Kaplan Jonathan email
Kappes Andreas University of Hamburg self regulation, social cognition, motivation email
Kapus Jerry University of Wisconsin-Stout, Department of English and Philosophy philosophy of language and cognitive science email
Karaca Koray University of Twente email
Karlsen Jan Reinert Centre for the studies of the science and the humanities, University of Bergen Theory of science and ethics homepage email
Kastenhofer Karen Institute of Technology Assessment epistemic cultures; uncertainty; biotechnology; technology assessment homepage email
Kathiravelu Pradeeban KTH Royal Institute of Technology Philosophy of Science, Distributed Computing homepage email
Katzir Shaul email
Kaufman Stav Tel Aviv University, Israel (PhD student) Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, Anthropology of Mathematics homepage email
Kaufman (Raviv) Stav Tel Aviv University, Israel (PhD student) Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, Anthropology of Mathematics homepage email
Keller Evelyn email
Kennedy Ashley Florida Atlantic University philosophy of medicine, philosophy of science, bioethics homepage email
Kennedy Ashley University of South Carolina email
Kerkhove, van Bart Vrije Universiteit Brussel email
Khalili Khalina Universiti Teknologi Malaysia email
Khushf George University of South Carolina email
Khushf George email
Kidd Ian James Department of Philosophy, Durham University History and Philosophy of Science, Feyerabend, Pluralism, Virtue Epistemology, Ethics homepage email
Kilakos Dimitris University of Athens email
Kim Sungeun KAIST email
Kim Bowon KAIST Science, technology, society homepage email
Kincaid Harold email
Kinney David London School of Economics email
Klaessig Fred email
Klaver Irene email
Klein Ursula email
Knox Craig University of Toronto Critical Theory, Genealogy, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Animal Models email
Knuuttila Tarja email
Kober Gal Philosophy of biology; classification; bioethics email
Kochan Jeff email
Koellmann Carsten email
Kokkinos Charalampos Hellenic Open University Philosophy of Technology homepage email
Kokkov Kristin University of Tartu philosophy of social science (archaeology), evidential reasoning email
Kokowski Michal email
Kolte Prasanna International Institute for Geo-Information Management and Earth observation Spatial Data Infrastructures, Decision-making, Urban Governance, Public policy email
Konnerup Merete The International Campbell Collaboration's Steering Group Evidence Based Policy and Practice in the Social Sciences homepage email
Koponen Ismo email
Koray Karaca Wuppertal University, Germany history and philosophy of modern physics email
Korenhof Paulan Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society email
Kosolosky Laszlo Ghent University phil of science, social epistemology, sci practice homepage email
Koster Edwin email
Kourany Janet email
Kowarsch Martin MCC Berlin pragmatism, environmental assessments, philosophy of economics homepage email
Kožnjak Boris Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology, Sociology of Scientific Knowledge, Psychology of Science homepage email
Kragh-Furbo Mette Lancaster University STS, genomics, data, social media, cultural theory, affect email
Krohn Wolfgang email
Krohs Ulrich email
Kummerfeld Erich Carnegie Mellon University email
Kurzawe Daniel Munich Simulation Group philosophy of science, logic homepage email
Kusch Martin University of Vienna, Department of Philosophy Philosophy of science, Sociology of Scientific Knowledge, History and Philosophy of Psychology homepage email
Kutschenko Lara Mainz University philosophy of medicine, phil.of life sciences homepage email
Kuznetsov Volodymyr Kyiv Institute of Philosophy; Kyiv-Mohyla Academy operational, procedural, problem-solving, and estimative structures in scientific knowledge systems homepage email
Laar, van de Tjeerd email
La Caze Adam The University of Queensland philosophy of medicine homepage email
Lacey Hugh email
Lamy IDHE Cachan Innovation, science-enterprise relationships email
Lancaster Cheryl Durham University, UK Stem cells, biology, fraud, misconduct, history homepage email
Larsen Tord NTNU Anthropology, Philosophy email
Latysheva Valentina The Moscow aviation institute (the state technical university) Identification and individualization of the person in collective email
Lazareff Jorge UCLA email
Leach Joan email
Leadbeater Bridgit University of Derby email
Le Bihan Soazig University of Montana Philosophy of physics, Foundations of ecology, Models homepage email
Lee Carole University of Washington, Seattle homepage email
Lee Jongmin University of Virginia emergence; identity; regulation; empowerment; governance homepage email
Leeds Adam University of Pennsylvania Russia, post-socialism, economics, anthropology, semiotics, modernity, liberalism homepage email
Lefevere Merel Ghent University email
Lehtinen Aki email
Lenhard Johannes email
Lenoir Timothy email
Lentsch Justus Heinrich Böll Foundation email
Leonelli Sabina University of Exeter philosophy, history, social studies of biology homepage email
Lepenies Robert Social Science Center Berlin (WZB) & Freie Universität Berlin Philosophy of Economics, Ethics of Scientific Policy Advice homepage email
Lester Ahren University of South Hampton evolution, genetics email
Lewendon-Evans Harry Durham University Phenomenology, philosophy of science, hermeneutics email
Lewowicz Lucia Universidad de la Républica theory of reference, history and phil of chemistry email
Liu Katherine University of Minnesota Philosophy of Biology; cancer; evolutionary developmental biology email
Llanos Nieto Marcos Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Technology, Information Ethics, Philosophy, Bioethics email
LLORED Jean-Pierre Ecole Polytechnique Chemistry. Philosophy. email
Lodeyro Penélope Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - CONICET - Argentina scientific practice - philosophy of chemistry - models and computer simulations - measurement email
Loettgers Andrea University of Berne Synthetic Biology email
Loettgers Andrea HSS, Caltech email
Lõhkivi Endla Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics, University of Tartu Philosophy of science, science and technology studies, modelling, gender issues in science homepage email
Lohse Simon Center for Philosophy and Ethics of Science, Leibniz University of Hannover philosophy of social science, social ontology, social studies of science homepage email
Longino Helen email
Lopez Paleta Miguel Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México email
Loulergue Frederic University of Orleans computer science homepage email
Love Alan University of Minnesota philosophy of science/biology (current focus on developmental biology/embryology) homepage email
Lowe James University of Exeter philosophy of biology; philosophy of science; science policy homepage email
Ludwig David Max Planck Institute for the History of Science email
Lukasz Lamza The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Poland Philosophy of Nature; Philosophy of Science email
Lund John San Francisco State University email
Lund Matthew D. email
Lyons Christopher Texas A&M University homepage email
Maas Harro email
Madsen Linda STS, ANT, feminist technoscience, multispecies etnography, transboundary infectious diseases, bio(in)security. email
Magill John Institution of Engineering and Technology statistics, systems engineering homepage email
Maheshwari Kritika University of Groningen Bioethics, Philosophy of risk, Philosophy of science email
Mahoozi Nasim email
Maia Elisa CFCUL - Centro de Filosofia da Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa History and Philosophy of Science email
Maienschein Jane email
Major Alison UCL email
Mäkelä Pekka University of Helsinki email
Mäki Uskali Academy of Finland Realism, Models, Idealizations, Interdisciplinarity, Economics, Social sciences, Social ontology homepage email
Malaterre Christophe UQAM Epistemology of origins of life homepage email
Mannani Amin email
Mansfield Keith Oxford University Press Publishing, Causality, Risk email
Marchesetti Andrea email
Marchionni Caterina email
MARCO CORGINI UNIVERSIDAD DE LA SERENA Mathematical Physics homepage email
Marcos Patrícia Oregon State University Science and Ethics email
Marcum James Baylor University History & philosophy of science & medicine homepage email
Marghetis Tyler UC San Diego Mathematical Practice; Cognitive Science; Embodiment; Gesture; Proof homepage email
Martikainen Viljo email
Martin Joseph University of Minnesota email
Martin Diana Dublin Institute of Technology engineering ethics, engineering ethics education, philosophy of technology email
Martinez A.J. Indiana University History and Philosophy of Science, public perception of science, popular science and science fiction email
Martinez Munoz Sergio F. email
Martorano Simone IQ USP Teaching and learning in science and chemistry teacher training email
Marwick Ben University of Washington explanation; archaeology homepage email
Mathen Jolly email
Matta Corrado Stockholm University, Department of Education Phil of social science, phil of education, structural scientific realism, social epistemology homepage email
Matthews Michael R. University of New South Wales science education email
Mauricio Paulo IPL, Lisbon HPS; Education; Conceptual change; Physics; optics, homepage email
Maxwell Nicholas University of College London From Knowledge to Wisdom homepage email
Mayo Deborah email
McAllister J.W. email
McCarthy Natasha The Royal Academy of Engineering Philosophy of engineering, engineering ethics, philosophy of science homepage email
McCarthy Willard email
McCaskey John P. Stanford University History of scientific method. Induction. Bacon, Whewell. homepage email
Mc Climans Leah University of South Carolina Medical Ethics, Hermeneutics, Phil of Social Science email
McCormick Jennifer B Mayo Clinic and College of Medicine Life sciences, science policy, biomedical ethics email
McDonald Joyce email
McKenzie Kerry University of Leeds email
McKim Vaughn University of Notre Dame philosophy of science/social sciences email
MCTS Office TU Munich Science and Technology homepage email
Mebius Alexander email
meghani zahra university of rhode island email
Mendes João Ribeiro University of Minho, Department of Philosophy Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology homepage email
Merlin Francesca University of Paris-Sorbonne philosophy of biology, philosophy of science homepage email
Merz Martina email
Methot Pierre-Olivier ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society, University of Exeter & Institut d'histoire et de philosophie des sciences et des techniques, Universite Pantheon-Sorbonne (Paris1) Philosophy of the life sciences, history of science and medicine, historical epistemology homepage email
Méthot Pierre-Olivier Université Laval History and philosophy of the life sciences and medicine homepage email
Meunier Robert ICI Berlin Life Sciences, Action and knowledge, Dynamics of research fields homepage email
Mikkelson Gregory email
Miller Boaz university of Haifa philosophy of science, epistemology homepage email
Millstein Robera University of California, Davis philosophy of science, history and philosophy of biology homepage email
Mitcham Carl email
Miyake Teru email
Modera Astrid philosophy of chemistry email
Moffatt Barton Mississippi State University Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Bioethics email
Mols Sandra LHSP-Archives Henri Poincaré, PratiScienS homepage email
Molter Dan University of Utah Species Organism Biological Individual Fungi homepage email
Montuschi Eleonora London School of Economics philosophy of science/social science email
Moor Auke Johan email
Morett Fernando Center for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, LSE Experimental economics, economic and social engineering, causal methods, policy making homepage email
Morgan Mary email
Morris Steve email
Morrison Margaret email
Morton Arthur L. email
Moss Eric Rowan University email
Mößner Nicola email
Mourenza Alexis University of California, Santa Cruz Animal Cognition, Philosophy of Cognitive Science homepage email
Mueller-Wille Staffan University of Exeter history and philosophy of the life sciences homepage email
Mukherjee Anirban University of Reading, UK and University of North Bengal, India email
Muldoon Ciara email
Muqim Mohammed Aligarh Muslim University India Ethics, Philosophy of Science Logic email
Murray David FWorld Conference on Metaphysics Rome Metaphysics homepage email
Murtagh Madeleine University of Leicester Philosophy and sociology of transdisciplinary research and the biodata economy homepage email
Musaeus Peter Aarhus University homepage email
Nagarjuna G. email
Nagatsu Michiru University of Manchester behavioural economics, cognitive psychology, neuroeconomics homepage email
Nasim Omar Max Planck Institutes for the History of Science (Berlin) and History of Art (Florence) History of Analytic Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Astronomy and Observation email
Nederbragt Bert Utrecht University history and philosophy of animal disease; diagnosis; the biomedical laboratory; induction homepage email
Nederbragt H email
Nersessian Nancy email
neto celso LUH practice metaphysics biology email
Neves Vitor email
Nevvazhay Igor email
Newman Julian Birkbeck Philosophy of Computing homepage email
Nimmo Richie email
Niss Martin Roskilde University History of physics, physics education email
N K shineed University of Hyderabad Research Scholar email
Nkemnole Stanley M. Department of Philosophy, University of Lagos Akoka Nigeria Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Applied Ontology email
Nordman Alfred email
Nounou Antigone National Hellenic Research Foundation Philosophy of physics, philosophy of science email
Novello Noemi Università di Milano-Bicocca email
Nuño de la Rosa Laura Department of Metaphysics and Theory of Knowledge (Complutense University of Madrid) and IHPST (Paris 1-Sorbonne) morphology, developmental biology, evo-devo email
Nyrup Rune Durham University homepage email
O'Doherty Kieran University of Guelph homepage email
Oehler Theresa Department for Social Studies of Science, University of Vienna Science & Technology Studies, Visualization, Normalization, Fact-Making in Public Discourse email
Oliveira Guilherme University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind homepage email
Oreskes Naomi email
Osimani Barbara Catholic University of Milan causality, risk, induction/abduction homepage email
Osta Matías University of the Republic, Uruguay homepage email
Osta Matías IHPST - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Srobonne Epistemology of Science homepage email
Overton James University of Western-Ontario biomedical ontologies homepage email
Pääkkönen Juho University of Helsinki email
Pääkkönen Juho University of Helsinki epistemology of data science, computational social science email
Paavola Sami email
Paez Andres Universidad de los Andes Scientific Explanation, Abduction in AI, Causation homepage email
Palmieri Paolo email
Parke Emily University of Auckland biology, experiments, models homepage email
Parker Caitlin Virginia Tech philosophy of statistics, philosophy of science, computational learning theory email
Parker Jessica GEARS Social Psychologist email
Parker Jenneth University of Bristol ethics in systems homepage email
Parkkinen Veli-Pekka University of Oslo email
Pavao Carlos Texas A&M email
PEDEMONTE GIAN M. formerly UNIVERSITA DI GENOVA - ITALY Epistemology and Methodology of Geosciences email
Pedersen David Budtz Department of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen Philosophy of science and engineering, science evaluation, science policy email
Peled Mickey Tel Aviv University email
Pellet François University of Muenster history and philosophy of special sciences (biology, neuroscience, computer science, cognitive science) homepage email
Perovic Slobodan email
Persson Johannes Lund University homepage email
Peschard Isabelle San Francisco State University homepage email
Petersen Imme University of Hamburg Science Studies, Systems Biology/Medicine homepage email
Petsche Stephanie University of Notre Dame, History and Philosophy of Science Program homepage email
Pfotenhauer Sebastian TU Munich / MIT STS, science and innovation policy, imaginaries, traveling practices of innovation homepage email
Phalkey Janahvi King's College London history and philsophy of scientific practice email
Pietsch Wolfgang TU München philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, time, probability homepage email
Piotrowska Monika Florida International University Philosophy of Biology, Bioethics, Conceptual and Ethical Issues in Genetics and Biotechnology homepage email
Piriyachittakornkit Siriphen Chulalongkorn University Epistemology of Science, Science and Peace, Science and Democracy email
Pirtle Zach email
Pisano Raffaele Lille 1 University History and Philosophy of Science homepage email
Plaisance Kathryn Leibniz University of Hannover philosophy of biology, philosophy of behavioral science, bioethics, ethics of science email
Plebe Alessio University of Messina philosophy of cognitive science email
Politi Vincenzo University of Bristol email
Pombo Olga CFCUL Philosophy of Science homepage email
Pombo Olga Center for Philosophy of Science of the University of Lisbon Leibniz, Unity of science, Interdisciplinarity, Epistemology homepage email
Portides Demetris email
Potter Elizabeth email
Potters Jan UAntwerpen email
Potters Jan University of Cambridge email
Present Pieter Ghent University email
Priest Greg Stanford U Evolution, Darwin, Diagrams, Ecology, homepage email
Príncipe João University of Évora, Portugal historical epistemology email
Pronskikh Vitaly Fermilab particle physics; philosophy of science email
Pulkkinen Karoliina University of Cambridge classification, chemistry email
Pulkkinen Jarmo email
Puthussery Antony email
Quinn Aleta University of Pittsburgh History and Philosophy of Biology email
Radder Hans email
Radick Greg email
Radu Oita email
rameau anais email
Rameau Anais Cornell University medicine, epistemology email
Ramsden Edmund email
Ramsy Jeffrey email
Ratcliff Jessica Yale-NUS College email
Reck Erich University of California at Riverside Explanation and understanding, styles of reasoning, history of philosophy of science email
Record Isaac University of Toronto Computers, modern physics, scientific instruments homepage email
Regt, de Henk email
Reichert Anne-Sophie University of Chicago Anthropology of the body and the mind, embodiment, emotions, mind, epistemology homepage email
Reiss Julian email
Reydon Thomas Center for Philosophy and Ethics of Science, Leibniz University of Hannover philosophy of biology, general philosophy of science, bioethics email
Rheinberger Hans-Jorg email
Richardson Robert email
Richardson Sarah Harvard University homepage email
Richmond Sheldon Independent Scholar homepage email
Ridder, de Jeroen email
Riegler Alexander email
Riesch Hauke Brunel University homepage email
Rietmann Felix Princeton University homepage email
Rip Arie Universiteit Twente email
Risjord Mark email
Ritson Sophie Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt email
Rivadulla Rodriguez Andrés Universidad Complutense, Madrid History and Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Probability and Statistics, Methodology of Physics homepage email
Rizza Davide University of East Anglia philosophy of economics, philosophy of mathematics homepage email
Roe Sarah University of California, Davis email
Roeser Sabine TU Delft risk, ethics, emotions homepage email
Rolin Kristina University of Helsinki Social Epistemology of Science email
Romeijn Jan-Willem email
Romero Felipe Tilburg University homepage email
Root Michael Department of Philosophy/ University of Minnesota Philosophy of Social Science email
Rosales Ailrio email
Rosario-Barbosa Pedro M. Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey skepticism, philosophy of science, bioethics homepage email
Roth Paul A. University of California-Santa Cruz philosophy and sociology of science, philosophy of social science, naturalism homepage email
Rottenburg Richard MLU Law, Organization, Science, Technology homepage email
Rouse Joseph Wesleyan University homepage email
Rudland Sophie Pickering & Chatto Publishers biology, technoscience, mathematics, physics homepage email
Ruphy Stéphanie University of Provence, France scientific pluralism, science and values, feminist epistemology, computer simulations homepage email
Russo Federica email
Ruzzene Attilia Eur email
Rymarczuk Robin University of Groningen Psychology, Technology, Media, Theorie and History email
Saarilouma Partti email
Sagoff Mark George Mason University environment; bioethics email
Sample Matthew University of Washington email
Samson Adelana Olamide email
Sanchez-Dorado Julia Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Philosophy of Science, Representation in Science and Art, Scientific Practices email
Saner Marc Institut for Science, Society and Policy, University of Ottawa science/policy interface, environmental ethics, risk management homepage email
Sauzet Romain IRPHIL - Lyon 3 email
Savransky Martin Goldsmiths, University of London History and Philosophy of the Human Sciences, Theory of Inquiry, Ethics of Cultivation, AN Whitehead, Pragmatism, Process homepage email
Schickore Jutta email
Schikowitz Andrea Department of social studies of sience, University of Vienna scientific cultures, communities, togetherness, transdisciplinarity, STS homepage email
Schliesser Eric email
Schlimm Dirk INSA de Lyon, France email
Schmid Anne-Françoise philosophy of sciences, philosophy of engeneering, epistemology, ethics homepage email
Schönwitz Tobias Leibniz Universität Hannover email
Schreurs Paul IWT responsible research and innovation, mode 2 research, knowledge valorisation, transdisciplinarity homepage email
Schröder Jantine SCK-CEN integrating social aspects into nuclear research, science & policy & society, expert culture, participation email
Schwarz Claudia email
Schwarz Astrid Technische Universität Darmstadt phil of science, experimentation, simulation, ecology, phil of technology email
Segal Jerome University of Vienna HPS homepage email
Seidel Markus Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Münster, Germany General Philosophy of Science, Science and Politics homepage email
Sent Esther-Mirjam email
Seo Seo Program in HPS, Seoul National University email
Seo Minwoo university of cambridge email
Serban Maria Center for Philosophy of Science Pittsburgh general philosophy of science, cognitive science, neuroscience homepage email
Seselja Dunja Ghent University philosophy of science, methodology of science, epistemology, logic homepage email
Shabani Varaki Bakhtiar Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Neurophilosophy of Education, Research Methodology homepage email
Shahmoradi Ayoob email
Shang Rick Washington University in St. Louis History and Philosophy of science, philosophy of Experimentation. email
Shekeris Haris University of Bristol, Department of Philosophy Communitarian Epistemology, Science Policy homepage email
Sheredos Ben UC San Diego email
Shieber Joseph Lafayette College homepage email
Siitonen Arto email
Sikimic Vlasta University of Belgrade Social Epistemology of Science, Research Policy, Logic homepage email
Sikka Tina Newcastle University email
Sikka Tina Newcastle University Science, feminist science, gender, health, environment, rhetoric, discourse email
Sillari Giacomo University of Pennsylvania Formal epistemology, epistemic logic, game theory, logic of awareness homepage email
Silva Ana email
Silver Elizabeth The University of Melbourne history and philosophy of science, evidence-based medicine, medical trial analysis, adherence email
Simons Massimiliano KULeuven Philosophy of biology ; Historical epistemology ; Bruno Latour ; Gaston Bachelard ; Synthetic Biology homepage email
Sirker Smita Jadavpur University email
Sirtes Daniel University of Basel email
Skaff Rawald email
Slaattelid Rasmus University of Bergen, Centre for the Study of the Sciences and Humanities Philosophy of science, research policy, science in society, science communication email
Slaattelid Rasmus SVT, University of Bergen email
Slaby Jan Free University Berlin, Germany Philosophy of Mind, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Science, Interdisciplinary Emotion Research homepage email
Sluijs Jeroen van der Copernicus Institute Utrecht University uncertainty assessment, post normal science, knowledge quality assessment, precautionary principle homepage email
Smit Jorrit email
Smith Eden University of Melbourne Neuroscience, Experimental Practice, Concept-use, email
Sobko Alexander SS New Paradign Laboratory, Belvedere House, London SW7 4RT philosophy of pseudoscience; science and state crimes; science and secret societies; murder email
Soler Léna Laboratoire d'Histoire des Sciences et de Philosophy - Archives Henri Poincaré What did we learn about science from the “practical turn” in philosophy of science? homepage email
Solomon Miriam email
Solomon Stephanie Research ethics and Integrity Program, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research, University of Michigan feminist philosophy of science, social epistemology, research ethics, community-based research homepage email
Solomon Monica University of Notre Dame History and Philosophy of Science, Graduate Student email
Sørensen Henrik Kragh Department of Science Education, Section for History and Philosophy of Science philosophy of mathematical practice email
Sørensen Henrik Kragh University of Aarhus email
Sozudogru Erman UCL STS email
Sozudogru Erman UCL email
Staley Kent Saint Louis University evidence, experiment, physics, statistics, collaboration homepage email
Stanev Roger University of South Florida philosophy of medicine, philosophy of statistics, science and democracy, epistemology of modeling and simulation homepage email
Stanford Kyle email
Stanley Donald Maine Medical Center physician diagnosis email
Stefanidou Constantina University of Athens history and science email
Steinle Friedrich Wuppertal University/ TU Berlin history & philosophy of experiment, formation of empirical concepts homepage email
Stemwedel Janet San Jose State University epistemology, ethics, chemistry homepage email
Sterrett Susan email
Strand Roger University of Bergen post-normal science, complexity, uncertainty, RRI homepage email
Strehlau Jurgen University of Kiel, Germany Earth Sciences email
Stuart Mike University of Pittsburgh homepage email
Stump David email
Sturm Thomas Dept. of Philosophy, Autonomous University of Barcelona history and philosophy of psychology, cognitive science, social sciences homepage email
Suárez Mauricio Complutense University & LSE Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics, Models and Representation homepage email
Sullivan Jackie University of Western Ontario philosophy of neuroscience homepage email
Sullivan Jacqueline email
Sullivan-Clarke Andrea University of Washington analogical reasoning in scientific practice email
Sundell Taavi Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies email
Svorencik Andrej University of Utrecht email
Szabo Laszlo E. Eotvos University, Budapest Philosophy of physics homepage email
Tabb Kathryn University of Pittsburgh Philosophy of psychiatry; realism; Darwin email
Takahashi Shoichiro Kokugakuin University Logic; Philosophy of Science email
Tala Suvi University of Helsinki, Department of Physics homepage email
Teira David Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia History and philosophy of the social sciences homepage email
Tempini Niccolo University of Exeter data-intensive science; computing; data; information homepage email
Teplow David UCLA Alzheimer's disease, basic science homepage email
Teplow David UCLA Neurology, Philosophy homepage email
Thielmann Tristan University of Siegen Navigation and Median Theory homepage email
Thoren Henrik Department of Philosophy, Lund email
Thorén Henrik Lund University Pluralism, Problem Solving, Imperialism, Resilience email
Thorén Henrik Lund University interdisciplinarity, pluralism, imperialism, integration email
Thorgaard Keld email
Tiquia Rey Shanxi Journal of TCM Traditional Chinese medical practice as local knowledge email
Tonnessen Sigurd email
Toon Adam University of Exeter homepage email
Toon Adam University of Bielefeld Representation, realism, models, fiction, tacit knowledge homepage email
Toshev Borislav V. University of Sofia homepage email
Tulkki Leena University of Helsinki email
Tulodziecki Dana Purdue University homepage email
Tulodziecki Dana Purdue University homepage email
Tulodziecki Dana email
Tuma Julio University of Pennsylvania email
Turnbull Margaret Boston College homepage email
Turner Derek email
Ugarte Chacón Rafael Leibniz Universität Hannover homepage email
Ureta Sebastian Center for Technology & Society, Technical University Berlin Large technical systems, User of technologies email
Valderrama Lorena López Piñero Institute for the History of Science and Medicine History of Science homepage email
Valen Leigh van University of Chigaco email
Valenzuela Matus Jaime Centre d'Història de la Ciència (CEHIC) Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona UAB Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Pragmatism, History and Philosophy of Science homepage email
Valles Sean Michigan State University Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Biology homepage email
van de Beld Irene University of Twente Philosophy of Science, Physics, Experiments and instrumentation email
VandeWall Holly Boston College epistemic disunity of disciplines email
van Eck Dingmar Ghent University email
Van Gelder Antoine UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA email
van Hoorn Sjoerd EUR Descartes; épistemologie; Methodenstreit; philosophy of mathematics; moral philosophy email
Vegter Mira Institute for Science, Innovation and Society Nanomedicine, Precision Medicine, Embodiment homepage email
Velbaum Katrin University of Tartu email
Vernazzani Alfredo Universität Bonn Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Neural Correlates of Consciousness homepage email
Vesterinen Veli-Mati email
Villela Alicia G. National University of Mexico (UNAM), Biology email
Vlieland Veronica J. Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital human statistical genetics, philosophy of science, scientific evidence homepage email
von Stein Alexander University of Arizona Probability, models, philosophy of physics, philosophy of biology email
Vorms Marion email
Vreese, de Leen email
Vromen Jack email
Wagenknecht Susann Aarhus University scientific practice as collective endeavor homepage email
Walhout Matthew Calvin College homepage email
Wallenmaier Thomas E. email
Wandall Birgitte email
Ward-Proud Liam University of Exeter email
Warner Kerry University of New South Wales HPS, risk and medicine email
Weber Erik email
Weber Jutta email
Weingart Peter email
Westerman Marjan VU University, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Department of Health Sciences / Methodology and Applied Biostatistics Qualitative research methods; response shift in QOL measurement homepage email
Wieber Frederic University of Nancy, France. Laboratoire d'Histoire des Sciences et de Philosophy Archives Henri Poincaré email
Wieten Sarah Durham University Philosophy of Medicine email
Wikman-Svahn Per KTH Royal Institute of Technology homepage email
Willholt Torsten email
Williams Porter Columbia University email
Wilson Rob University of Alberta philosophy of biology, eugenics, human technologies, disability and human variation, responsibility of intellectuals, complicity in science homepage email
Wilson Bradley History and Philosophy of Biology and Ecology, Philosophy of Medicine email
Wilson Tyler Brooke City University of New York email
Wimsatt Bill email
Winsberg Eric email
Winter, de Jan Ghent University social epistemology email
Wittock Nathan University of Ghent Blood Economy STS Social Construction & Policy Design email
Woodward Jim email
Woody Andrea University of Washington explanation, representation and models in science, philosophy of chemistry homepage email
Wouters Arno Radboud University Nijmegen philosophy of science (esp. biology), action theory (esp. implication of BCN-sciences) homepage email
Wray K. Brad SUNY-Oswego social epistemology; Kuhn; collaboration; specialization homepage email
Wright Jack University of Toronto (Cambridge from fall 2013) email
Wright Cory California State University Long Beach explanation, understanding, mechanism, cognitive science homepage email
Wright Aaron Harvard physics, realism homepage email
Wright Aaron Harvard homepage email
Wuethrich Adrian University of Bern homepage email
Wylie Alison University of British Columbia philosophy of social science (archaeology), evidential reasoning, feminist philosophy of science homepage email
xiaoming li Anhui Normal University in CHina philosophy of science email
Xu Zhu University of Chinese Academy of Sciences philosophy of science, virtue epistemology, scientific understanding, causation and explanation homepage email
Yan Karen Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, National Yang-Ming University Philosophy of Cognitive Neuroscience, Epistemology of Scientific Practice homepage email
Yasin Ekin University of Washington Labaratory Animals, Media Technologies of Science homepage email
Yi Sang-Wook email
Yildrim Oktay University of Twente email
Ylkoski Petri email
Young-Ho Kim email
Ysebaert Walter Vrije Universiteit Brussel history of science policy, science policy, ssh email
Yu Li-An email
Yu Sun Kyeong Minnesota State University Mankato Philosophy of Biology email
Yucel ms ??? La Trobe University philosophy of science in Higher Education email
Zach Martin Charles University in Prague philosophy of science: models, representation, explanation homepage email
Zahle Julie University of Copenhagen homepage email
Zamora-Bonilla Jesus UNED rationality, social epistemology, philosophy of social science, realism homepage email
Zen Dimitri email
Zik Yaakov email
Zilhao Isabel University of Lisbon email
Zurcher Bradley Simon Fraser University email
Zwart Hub homepage email